A higher way of thinking, being and doing

Many believe a right and clean standing with our creator is EARNED.


This creates us-versus-them thinking.


It divides the "human family".


Into competing and sometimes hostile camps or groups.


However Isaiah* reminds us all that there is a better way.


He says that our creator's ways and thoughts are higher than ours.


Isaiah calls us to yield instead to our creator's message.


This message is known by quite a few names.


Jews "know" it as bissar.


Muslims "know" it as injeel or injil.


Christians "know" it as the gospel, evangel, good news and more.


This message reveals the abundant and generous heart of our creator.


According to this message a right and clean standing with our creator is IMPUTED as a FREE GIFT.


It cannot be earned, deserved or paid for.


That truly is GOOD NEWS.


This GOOD NEWS is above any and all thought, imaginations, dogma, doctrine, tradition, liturgy, rituals, laws, rules, creeds, formulas, programs and the like.


It vanquishes all our pettiness, jealousies, conceits, prejudices, divisions, ignorance and squabbles (noisy quarrel about something trivial).


And instead it connects us personally, autonomously and directly with the mind, heart and spirit of God - now.


We are given a new higher identity, perspective, vision and destiny - now.


We are set free to become our best version - now.

*Isaiah is one of the (roughly) 15 prophets held in common by Jews, Muslims and Christians - more than half earth's population.

Angels announcing victory in the war against dysfunction, by means of the supernaturally powerful, unstoppable and ultimate weapon of mass peace: the liberating "good news" about the roadmap to a better world for all.

Clarion - a shrill narrow-tubed war trumpet (Oxford dictionary)


Clarion Call - a very clear message or instruction about what action is needed (Cambridge English Dictionary)